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My first GSP was Thrasher. I was grooming dogs as a profession and it was at that time I decided not to enter Thrasher in competitive venues such as conformation and field trials, although he could have easily done both. He spent his life backpacking, hunting wild game, camping and being a very big part of my family. In the year 2000, Thrasher stepped in a hole while on a trail and hurt his shoulder. That injury later developed into arthritis. I decided to join a local hunting club for Thrasher's 10th birthday so he would have birds to hunt that did not require hours of running and hunting as wild birds do. The 6 month seasons were very nice for him as well.

I found a GSP puppy when Thrasher was 11 years old after we had lost our 17 year old beagle. I knew Thrasher's days on wild birds were limited and it felt like the right time to add another one to our family. We contacted Sharon Waechter of Roseville, CA. (She was Edelmarke). There was a litter out of her gorgeous boy BISS/AM/INT/CH GDR No-Mars Lakota Warrior JH,CGC,CD (Cody) in the Bay Area. We picked Rooster out at 10 days old. I cared little about conformation shows at this point! He proved to be VERY bird crazy so we took him home at 8 weeks old. Sharon, Cody's owner, took us under her wing, mentored us and we decided to show him. First weekend out with me on the end of the leash, he took back to back points at 8 months old, BOS over Specials and a Puppy Group 1 so after that, we were hooked! We finished him at 23 months and finished his JH at 8 months old. All novice handled and trained. Sharon has since let us take over her Edelmarke kennel name and keep it going.

Thrasher passed away at 16 1/2 years old. We now have 4 Shorthairs and co-own 3 from our 2006 Bo X Frieda litter. I only have a few that live with us so they all get plenty of love, attention and time spent with them. These dogs are very family oriented and all of our dogs live together in the house and really do not want to be outside unless we are there with them. They often times take up the entire couch leaving me the floor. Something wrong with this picture? So I bought another couch!

After life changed in 2010, I found myself moving to Michigan...although I do plan on moving back to the West Coast someday soon. I met a man whoo very much loves the breed as I do. So we combined our GSP family. Rooster and Fern remained in California with my ex, Kevin. My boyfriend Willam Cornell and I have Willow, Sherman, Echo, Frieda, Shimmer and his 3 GSPs. Although I took a break from showing, I will resume showing and competing in 2012. Now he and I will move forward with the Edelmarke name.

I usually only breed when I want something for myself and do not want to add to the over population of GSPs that often end up in shelters or worse. I encourage people who are looking for a pet or hunting companions to contact the rescues. We do not feel it is necessary to produce a litter or litters every year. We try to be part of the solution, not the problem. We follow the GSPCA Guidelines For Responsible Breeding.  

Our Beliefs and Breeding Goals

 I believe every puppy should be an important member of the family, it is a relationship that is for the life of the dog. Puppies like children are a lot of work. They need to be trained, socialized, given proper nutrition and medical care but most importantly, they need to be loved. If you cannot make the time and financial commitments necessary to provide the above then you may be better off with a different type of pet.

 I also believe in responsible breeding. A responsible breeder cares where their puppies are for the duration of the puppies life. They vaccinate, train, love and register their puppies. They provide the proper health clearances on the parents prior to breeding and guarantee the health of the puppies. Health certifications on parents should include hips (OFA), eyes (CERF), Thyroid, Cardiac, CD (Cone Degeneration) & L.D. (Lupoid dermatosis)

*Pet quality puppies will be sold with spay/neuter contracts and limited registration.

To produce healthy puppies, free from genetic defects such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Thyroid and Cardiac disorders.

To produce temperamentally sound puppies that are a joy to live with.

To produce puppies that can excel in all areas of competition, with correct conformation and a high level of natural hunting ability and drive.

To breed for the sole purpose of improving the breed.

*Read more about what health testing is all about here

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We are proud members of the following clubs:

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of America
The German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of California
The GSP Club Of Northern Sacramento Valley
The German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of Reno
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