Berihill Edelmarke Moment Of Glory-Cody

First day of the GSPCA NSS!! At the Host show, Cody, Berihill Edelmarke Moment Of Glory, took Winners Dog for a 5 point major!!! And another 5 point major Best Of Winners the second day!!!!

Dixee,DC Edelmarke Heart of Dixee,MH, VCX takes third place in Brood Bitch class and her son Buddee took Best In Sweepstakes!!!! Congrats to his breeders!!!

Cody at 14 months old

Cody 15 mos

Ryder and Robin after winning Winners Dog!!!!

Berihill Edelmarke Moment Of Glory-Cody

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Cody Best of Winners!!

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Dixee's son Buddee NSS BISweeps

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Buddee was a Champion at 8 months old and was bred by Debbie and Rob Lewis and co-bred by Robin and Rita Remondi. Need to look up his official name but we are very proud of Debbie for having such a successful first litter!!!! Dixee X Cisco breeding.

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