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2015 02 09 07 42 10

Alex's story ....

Meet Alex. He is from our 2014 Ozzy x Willow breeding. We built this web site as a tribute to this beautiful puppy, who ended up in a very bad place, which we had no control of. It was a heart-wrenching experience to find our baby had been rehomed and we were refused the right to his whereabouts. By the grace of God, the individual returned him to his previous owners but they no longer wanted him. So we picked him up. We cried when we saw his condition as it was clear he had been living in a small enclosure, outdoors, with no bedding and little food. Obviously no love. We posted him after we evaluated him and within hours had 8 inquires. We found he was very gentle, loving, starved for both food and attention, was great with all our dogs and such a love. The first night he slept with me. He had never been in a bed before so fell off four times. He quickly learned to avoid the edges and snuggled against my cheek all night long. We found a great forever home in Ohio with Mary Wigal who shares her life with 3 GSPs. Logistically, we were 1,000 miles away from Mary. Our Facebook friend offered to help with transport. She drove from TN to Atlanta, GA where William and Alex said their goodbyes. All eyes were full of tears.....we could of easily kept this sweet boy but we felt a smaller pack and lots of acreage to run on would be best for him. Beverly and her husband, GSP Sobe and Alex made there way to TN. Alex had a great evening with the Grove's & they too grew fond of him in that short time together. The next day, they drove 500 miles to meet Alex's new parents. It was a tearful and special journey that has finally ended and a new beginning for Alex. The vet appt went well and he was heartworm free. Underweight and needing muscle tone, he is now getting his strength and weight back. Sores from being confined are healing well and the transition into his new pack is going great. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this rehoming and Lord willing, we will never have an experience like this again. God speed Alex.....may all your years be full of love, birds and being spoiled. We love you so much ♡